Can my feathers be washed and curled?
YES Treat your feathers like your own hair. All feathers can be washed, Blow dryed, Straightened and curled upto 450degrees.
How long do my feathers last?
Feather & fox extensions can last in your hair for upto 4 months depending on care and hair type. Look after your feathers and youll get the maxium results.
Can i remove and reapply my feathers?
Yes all Feather and fox extensions are reusable. you can remove and reaply if the micro bead grows out. or you can remove feathers if you only want to wear them for a short time. just keep the feathers safe and flat and reapply when you want to.
Can my hair still be coloured?
Yes Just get your stylist to wrap the feathers in foil to protect them.
Do my feathers need special care?
Treat your feathers exactly the same as you treat your hair, The better care the better the wear. Always take care brushing towards the root as you may catch the micro bead causing your feathers to fall out. If for any reason your feathers fall out just reapply.
Can my feathers be trimmed?

Yes always trim the feathers before you apply and only trim from the top. Hold the feather against your selected area on your hair and trim to length.

Can i go swimming?
Yes. Feather and fox extensions will react to chlorine and salt water exactly the same as your hair. The colours may fade depending on exposure.
My hairs very long whats the best way to apply?
You can still apply at the root or mid lenghts, we alays suply micro beads so it makes it easier to hind the bead. TOP TIP – on very long hair we apply just behind the ear so the feathers fall through your mid lenghts and ends.